Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t have any contracts. Done Dave is completely free.
No. All Done Dave websites include our fully-managed hosting, ensuring your website remains available at all times.
No. Done Dave is a fully-managed web service. We do not have plans to make a downloadable version.
Cancelling Done Dave is easy. Just click on Help & Support in the main menu and submit a ticket explaining that you’d like your Done Dave website removed. We’d appreciate it if you could explain why. This will help with improving our service for all our customers.
Yes. We give you a free email account when you purchase a domain through Done Dave. Emails are quick and easy to set up. There are full step by step instructions for you to download as soon as you have purchased a domain name.
Yes. You can purchase your own domain and connect it to your Done Dave account from your dashboard manager. Click on the Get domain & email section. It's super quick and easy!
Yes. You can easily connect your existing domain to your Done Dave website. Simply follow the instructions on your dashboard manager. Click on the Domains and Email section. Of course it's quick and easy!
Yes of course! You can add a full width slider, which you can add a caption to each slide. You can also add a gallery of images. Again, you can add a caption for each image. It's super quick and easy to add, remove and re-order your images. You can add images from your computer, mobile device (tablet, smartphone) and from your Facebook account. We will be adding a Shutterstock image bank very soon, where you'll have over 173 million images to search through. So finding the perfect selection of images for your website will be quick and easy!
Our support team is available 24/7. You can click on the '? Support' icon at the bottom right of all pages or the Help & Support link also at the bottom of all pages. We aim to answer your questions as soon as possible.
No problem at all. We will create one for you using our server and your business name. For example, This will be done instantly after you sign up and your website will be live straight away.
Instantly! As soon as you complete the sign up page, which takes approximately 30 seconds, your website will be live. It will be live using our domain and your chosen username, e.g. If you wish, you can then easily connect your own domain name to it via your Done Dave Dashboard. Or even purchase a new domain through our super buy a domain system!
Yes. All our websites work perfectly on any device and computer. They adjust accordingly to which ever size screen you are viewing it on. They also work on all operating systems and internet browsers.
Super easy! Updating your Done Dave website can be done in seconds. Simply, login and click on Change website. On the right hand side of each section of your website you’ll see Edit Section. Click this to open up the editing area for that section. Remember to always click Save and then once you’re happy with your changes click Save & Publish to make your site live.
No problem. You simply, go to the My Account section on the Dashboard and update your Credit Card details here. If your card expires and you haven't realised, don't worry, we will send you an email to let you know. Remember Done Dave is free, but you’ll need a credit to purchase your own domain name.
Everyone! Yes, literally anyone can benefit from our no adverts, free websites. For example; Freelancers, small businesses, sole traders. Use it to organise your wedding, birthday, stag or hen doo. Set up a charity website. Create a website for your sports club. Or just create a website for fun! Done Dave websites are for people who require a web presence quickly and easily. In a few minutes you can have a live website promoting your business or yourself, so clients can contact you with ease. This allows you the time to focus on running your business and not waste weeks and lots of money building a website. The Done Dave free website builder really is for everyone!
For starters Done Dave is 100% free! Our websites don’t display any adverts. Done Dave differs from other website builders, because we don't have any unwanted, complicated features and options. These features are rarely used and just add to the confusion of setting up your own website. Not to mention the time it takes. Within minutes you can have your website live, populated with pre-entered text (which you can of course change), your contact details, social media links, contact form and map. You can change the look and colour of your website in seconds.
From the Dashboard click Change website. Scroll down to the Contact section. Click Edit Section. Then scroll down to the Show map and Show form fields. Simply change these to Yes or No, then click Save.
After you have finished making changes to your website in the Change website area, click Save & Publish at the top right. A pop up will appear saying PUBLISH. Click this button and your website will be live! Done!
Inside the Edit Section of the logo area at the top, make sure the drop down menu is selected to Image or Image+Name. Click Save.
On a large desktop / laptop computer your website link and url domain is displayed at the top left. Simply click this and it will open your website up in a new window. On a mobile device click the 3 lines icon top right to open the menu. Then click My website. You can also link to your website from the main Done Dave Dashboard. Just click View my website, it's a large blue button.
Absolutely! We work with Stripe which guarantees your safety and security. All site communication and data transfer are secured and encrypted. Payment is of course super quick and easy!
Please be aware that Done Dave has an actual CV Theme which is completely free. But if you have chosen a different theme and want to link to other files or websites our editor allows this. Simply highlight the text you want to link from. Then click the 'link' tool in the property inspector at the top of the text area you are in. You can then type or paste in the path (url) to your web page or document that you want to link to. You cannot actually upload documents to your Done Dave website, so make sure you save your document on Google Drive, Google Docs or Facebook or any other online product. You will then be able to get the link from this product and paste it into your link you are creating from Done Dave. There are other options too. You can open the link in a new window, the same window or a pop up window. It takes seconds to do and is really easy!
Done Dave is perfect for Freelancers. Whether you're a Project Manager, Personal Trainer or Beauty Therapist, a Done Dave site is the perfect solution to give you an instant website, allowing you the time to concentrate on your business. You can copy and paste your CV / Résumé into the text areas and also link to an online version of it. Within minutes you can have your website done, promoting yourself and your services. You can also purchase your own domain name using our super fast system, so you will look professional within minutes! You can even set up your free CV online with our CV Theme. Just sign up with a different email address and you can then link your Done Dave website to your Done Dave CV! All free and super fast!
Yes, completely free. It's free to sign up and no credit card is required. You can change your website, preview it and edit your account details as much as you like. Of course it’s free to Publish your website and make it live with NO ADVERTS. This is like no other website builder in the world!
Yes, of course! We have a range of stunning themes which cater for many industry types. These industry types include: Business and finance, cleaning, construction, default (A very basic theme), fitness, gardening and tree surgeon, hairdresser, journalist, freelancer, medical, photography, taxi service and trades. With the click of a button you can choose a theme which comes with pre-entered text and images. When choosing a theme you have the option to keep your existing text and images or use the text and images from the theme. Your business name, contact details and social media links are all automatically entered into the theme for you. It's super fast and super easy! In seconds you can have a beautiful website live! By the way, you can even change your chosen theme's design style and colour. So your visual options for your website are endless!
Yes! There are lots of colours to choose from. To change your website's colour, login and go to Change my website, then at the top simply click Style & Colour.
Yes! There are four design styles to choose from. Each design has different backgrounds, type faces and layouts, so you can quickly choose which one you prefer. Each design style comes with lots of different colours. You can switch between design styles and colours in seconds, all while keeping your text and images in tact. To change your website's design style, login and go to Change my website, then click Change Style.
No. At present, Done Dave is a one page website. Your Done Dave website has menu items which when clicked, smoothly scrolls the page down to that section. A one page website is the perfect, convenient tool to showcase your company’s services and contact details. For an instant web presence, a Done Dave, one page website is the perfect answer.
Yes, of course! Done Dave websites are fully optimised so they are indexed in all major search engines, including Google and Yahoo. They come with a meta, website description which search engines use to display your site. On the meta description keep it to around 155 characters. But on all the other text areas on your website make sure you include lots of text about your services, where you operate, your business name and contact details. This way people searching for your services are more likely to find you.
The easiest method and cheapest, is to literally tell people about your new website. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Another great way is via social media. So create a new post saying something like: Hi everyone, please check out my new website. Click the link here: or your own domain if you have used that with your Done Dave website. You can get specialist marketing companies to do this for you but this can be quite expensive, so to start off, it's best to use all free avenues to get the word spreading of your new website.
Simple! We do this for you. As soon as you make your website live, by clicking the Publish button, your website will be indexed into Google and other major search engines. But how do people actually find my website if they are searching for my services? For example, if someone required some building work on their home, they may search for 'Roofing company Southampton'. A search engine will display results which have these three words on their website. So if you are a roofer or building company in Southampton make sure you have the words 'roofing company Southampton' displayed somewhere on your website. So as a rule, make sure you have text on your website which explains all your services and which geographic area you cover. The more comprehensive the better. But don't cheat, never type the same services more than once or repeat yourself, Google will think you are spamming and trying to cheat the system. Just make sure you write everything there is about your company, in an honest, detailed fashion. Then try searching for yourself, you'll eventually start to appear.
Done Dave is a free website builder, created for the millions of people out there who need a website but don’t have or want to pay the money. There are zero adverts on all Done Dave websites. You can create as many free sites as you wish. You just need a different email address to sign up each time. There is no catch, just like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp etc. We built Done Dave to make people’s lives better. So why not use it if you’re a small business, freelancer or sole trader. Create a wedding website to share your wedding information with guests. Create a birthday website to let your guests know all information about yours or someone’s birthday party. Create a site if you're a charity, sports club or even for your stag and hen doo. The list is endless.