What Exactly is Done Dave and Why Use It?

Sep 3, 2020 | General, Website Building

If you are looking to set up a website with no hassle, Done Dave is surely the right place to be.

With its no nonsense approach to website building, absolutely anybody will be able to set up a website for their small business free of charge.

Speed and Ease

The average website building site can often lead to hours, days, if not weeks of work to set up, time which many cannot afford to spare out of a busy work schedule. Done Dave allows anyone to be able to set up a website within minutes, (yes, minutes, it’s really that easy!). Many of us may feel daunted by the prospect of setting up a website and the amount of work it traditionally entails, but since unlike other website builders Done Dave is not a design tool but a ready-made, adaptable platform able to be live and bringing in business in minutes. Tediously scrolling through font selections and layouts, growing increasingly frustrated at the unneeded complexities involved, is not the way most of us would like to be spending our precious time. Done Dave essentially removes all the frivolity leaving you with concise and direct tools to create quickly and easily.

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Style and Flexibility

If this is not reason enough to create through Done Dave, the ease of the site does not allow quality and professionalism to be compromised. With an array of free templates, every business is guaranteed to find a layout and theme which suits the aesthetic they wish to portray, making it suited to corporate businesses and freelance creatives alike. Dave Allworthy, founder of Done Dave, is first and foremost a graphics and website designer, and his creative flare and keen eye for aesthetics clearly drives the sleek layouts available. The ability to add your own gallery of photos and a sliding image carousel allows you to powerfully convey your website message. The saying ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ has truth behind it! Scientists argue that the brain can process images approximately 60,000 times more quickly than a similar amount of written information, and so the power of imagery to catch attention cannot be underestimated. Although the layouts are quick and easy to use, the site remains entirely under your control, giving you the power to express your vision of your business and project it to a web-wide audience.


The importance of having a website for a small business cannot be exaggerated enough. Many potential clients view websites as a signal of officiality, making them integral to winning the trust of ecommerce customers and clients. Done Dave takes the sense of security even further by promising that any site visitors will not be bombarded by advertisements; not only does this make the visiting experience more inviting, but again this further adds to the professional and official experience of a Done Dave website. This added security felt by the customer is entirely free of charge yet can cultivate a huge growth in business interest.

Self employed? You need an instant one page website.


Done Dave aims to be as accessible as possible, with the ambition to ultimately become the go-to website for a quick and easy set up. Without a single set up fee or even a bank card number needed to sign up, Done Dave provides for its users with no secret catches or hidden demands. In addition to this, the site will be automatically submitted to Google which is integral to making sure potential clients can find out about you. A website could be incredibly informative and eye-catching, but without search engine optimisation on your side, your engagement figures will not rise. Alongside the usual contact details area, the webpage provides a location map, a game changer for many businesses which function primarily offline. In today’s day and age, social media is key to extending the reach of your business, and keeping current customers updated with everything you’re achieving. Through providing a link to your socials, a Done Dave website helps create a coherent image of your business and extend your current reach.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t set up a Done Dave website yet, go and get cracking! It’s a no brainer.

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