SEO Tips for a One Page Website

Sep 12, 2020 | Uncategorized

You can use SEO on one page websites and it is possible to get on to page one of Google. But this does depend on how competitive your industry is.

That said, I have created a one page website using Done Dave and it is on page one of Google.

How is a page one Google ranking achieved?

The website in question is and it was created for a client of mine. Below demonstrates how I managed to get this one page website to appear on page one of Google.

This website promotes his self employed lead roofing business based in Essex. There was a few things I looked at here which I’ve listed below so it’s clear to see:

  1. Title and business name of his website
  2. The h1 tag – the main heading basically
  3. Amount of copy on the page
  4. Amount of images
  5. Links on the page

Before I go through exactly what I did on his site from the list above, the main thing I did first was to research his competition.

I searched Leadwork Specialist Essex, which is what my friend said everyone tends to search for who needs lead work doing on their roof.

The results showed all the top roofing companies in Essex which was perfect as this is where we wanted to be.

As we were up against some stiff competition I had to be tactical as most of the sites on page one for this key term were large companies that had very comprehensive websites with many pages of rich text and reviews. So going back to the list above, I firstly changed his website title to Leadwork Specialist Essex. Then added this key term into the h1 tag heading as follows:


I then added some nice honest, comprehensive and descriptive copy about his services and who he is and where he works. Location is key here. I made sure I put Essex at least three times on the page.

I then went through all the images adding alt tags and captions which were relevant and sometimes adding in the key term and location. I then added a meta description which again included the key term Leadwork Specialist Essex.

I then published the site. As soon as you publish the site in Done Dave it asked Google to reindex it.
24 hours later I search for Lead Specialist Essex and the site appeared 2nd on page one. See here:

Page one of Google

Of course this is just one example of my personal experience with working on a one page site. Feel free to give it a go.

I hope this helps a little bit.

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